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  • Hubei Tianqiao Machiery (Air Blower) Co., Ltd.
  • Sales Manager:Mr. Yi
  • Hotline:86-13872878482
  • Tel:86-0722-6699666
  • Fax:86-0722-6430019
  • Email:tianqiao085@sina.com
  • Address:Economic and Technological Development Zone in Guangshui Town,Suizhou City, Hubei Province
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  • Hubei Tiaoqiao Machinery (Air Blower) Co., Ltd was established at 1993. We are a large-medium enterprise which is integrated with design, manufacturing all kinds of centrifugal blower, ventilator and automatic mechanical equipment. Our main products are widly used for the surface printing of cylindrical object, including plastic cup printing machine, plastic bowel printing machine, plastic bucket printing machine, oilcan lid printing machine, bottle cap printing machine etc.


    Tianqiao covers an area of 80000 square meters, with a total assets of 108 million. It is a high-tech, patent modle eneterprise in Hubei province. It is a technical innovation advanced unit, appraised as a company “ strictly abide by contracts and with punctuality” and “quality trustworthy organization by Hubei province People’s Government. The brand of “TIANQIAO” has been awarded as Hubei renowned trademark and Suizhou famous trademark. We have passed the ISO9001:2008.


    Tianqiao is armed with excellent technical equipment, advanced design and technology, complete testing method and perfect quality guarantee system. All our products are manufactured complied with international standard. We own more than 10 patents in equipment innovation. Some of the patented equipment filled the domestic production gap and export to overseas.


    Our Mission: Contribution to the society, benefits-sharing. At the same times we fulfill thePeople-oriented, social commitment; winning trust with honest, keeping pace with the times as  our business philosophy. We think highly of quality, reputation, and service which reflects at our enterprise slogan of  Raising the Quality sail, building the credibility bridge 

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