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  • 亚博yabo官方-亚博官方入口-yabo亚博体育官网. The earth climate we live in is getting worse. While human beings creats the material civilization, they also destroyed the harmony of nature ecological environment. Extreme weather, the huge ozone holes in the sky, the floating icebergs in the ocean, rising sea levels, dry streams, dried water, desertified land reminds us all the time that protects the earth's environment is protecting our own home. Environmental awareness is getting more and more into the hearts of everyone. Printing companies and suppliers are actively committed to environmental protection.

    In fact, for the majority of printing enterprises, the most direct way we can do to protect environment is energy conservation so that can reduce the printing cost at the same time. Low-carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation as a business concept, it is the social responsibility of enterprises on one hand, on the other hand we should combine it with the concept of sustainable development of enterprises. This requires us to consider the relationship between business activities and the Earth's environment in a deeper and more emotional way. We need to consider our own financial situation while considering ecological and social impacts. Our printing equipment supplier and consumable supplier also have the responsibility to assume the responsibility given by this society