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  • 1. Product Overview.
    YQ/013-6 6C surface offset printing machine adopt international advanced technology, high precision manufacturing technology, reasonable structure, high quality configuration to ensure the machine is durable, practical, with high printing quality and high production efficiency and easy to operate. YQ/013-6 is a kind of letterpress printing machine, mainly appled to the surface printing of plastic cup and bowl.


    2. Product Features
    1). Automatic feeding.
    2). Easy to adjust minute cup, with fluent cup separation
    3). Printing cylinder can be automatically separated when there is no cup or double cups out.
    4). The clearance of plate roller gear can be automatically adjusted to ensure no shadow with on prints.
    5). With dedicated punching machine for pringting plate, easy and efficient to align the plate and easy to operate.
    6). Easy and effiency to change mould core and die head.
    7). With corona hole checking function.
    8). Random-sample checking function while working.
    9). Accurate automatic counting, eacy to pack up the cup.
    10). Transfer printing rubber pattern can be automatically driven.


    3. Technical Parameters.

    Model NO.


     Printing Diameter(mm)

    1. φ30-φ95mm for 4pcs transfer printing rubber

    2.φ30-φ168mm for 2pcs transfer printing rubber

     Max. Printing Height(mm)


     Printing Bevel


     Rim Diameter of Cup(mm)


     Height of Cup Body(mm)


     Max. Printing Speed(pieces/h)


     Power of Main Moter(KW)


     Total Power of Main Machine(KW)


     Machine Dimension(mm)


     Reference Total. Weight (T)


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