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  • 亚博yabo官方-亚博官方入口-yabo亚博体育官网 - 6C offset plastic bucket printing machine

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  • 1. Product Overview
    Microcomputer PLC control, compact structure, man-machine interface, easy to use.


    2.  Product Features
    JYT/013-4 is applied to the surface printing of plastic bucket, such as lubricating oil bucket, food special bucket. It is a kind of bucket printing machine that buckets in different sizes can share a same bucket mould with.  It can save the cost of tooling a large number of bucket mould for customer.


    3. Technical Parameters

     Model NO. 


     Printing Diameter(mm)

    1. φ160-φ220mm for 3pcs transfer printing rubber mode

    2. φ310mm for 1pc transfer printing rubber mode

     Max. Printing Height(mm)


     Printing Bevel


     Max. Rim Diameter of bucket(mm)


     Max. Printing Speed(pieces/h)


     Total Power of Main Machine(KW)


     Machine Dimension(mm)




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