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  • 亚博yabo官方-亚博官方入口-yabo亚博体育官网 - Oilcan lid offset printing machine

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  • 1. Product Overview.
    JYG-TYPE A is a kind of letterpress offset press. The dot can reach more than 180 lines. Color is available from 1 color to 8 color. It is the dedicated device for cooking oilcan lid. JYG-TYPE oilcan lid printing machine is reference to the international advanced technology, self-designed high precision technology, reasonable structure, high quality configuration to ensure the machine is durable, practical, with high printing quality and high production efficiency(10000pcs/h). It is the best choice to replace silk screen printing machine.


    2. Product performance.
    1) Clear prints.
    2) With high printing speed.
    3) With fewer printing ink consumption.
    4) Quick drying.
    5) Better adhesion.
    6) Easier operation.
    7) Easier adjustment.


    3. Technical Parameters.

     Model NO.


     Printing Diameter(mm)

     φ30-φ80mm for 2pcs transfer printing rubber mode

     Printing Height(mm)


     Printing Bevel


     Height of Cup Body(mm)


     Max. Printing Speed(pieces/h)


     Total Power of Main Machine(KW)


     Machine Dimension(mm)




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